Dogue de Bordeaux's


Hooch we have had since a pup and is our family boy, he’s big gentle and loves a good rough and tumble with whoever is willing. Hooch needs and enjoys space to lounge out and relax. He is protective of his house and family and will let you know if anything passes the house. He needs lots of cuddles and deserves a lot of attention. Throw a ball and play some tug of war and you have a best friend.


Cassy is our family pet girl and have had her since she was a pup, she is hyper involved, loves taking up your personal space and thinks she’s a lion. She is obedient and knows she is the queen. She loves attention and gets very jealous. Get her in your good books with treats and excessive love and attention. Cassy comes from a distinguished bloodline and will be producing some fantastic pups.


Miya is our showgirl and has competed all over the UK and won all shows she’s entered. She has a very sweet loving and energetic nature. She has come from life on a farm down south to join our breeding program and we are delighted to have her in our family. She loves to run after a ball and loves the outdoors. Lots of love and fuss made for her and she will have your back and sit in your lap whenever possible. Miya is an incredible specimen of the breed with renowned bloodline and quality as she has proven in her winnings and we look forward to her first litter.