English Bulldogs


Coco is a new girl that has recently joined our breeding program with her other two sisters. She loves a good bark but also loves cuddles in your lap. She has quite the attitude and loves to be the center of attention and not miss out on any love going. Watch this space for her first litter due October! Coco is of black trio coloring and is a short and chunky quality girl.


Ursula is one of the other sisters that has recently joined our breeding program. She is one of our most stunning looking with incredible coloring and temperament and she knows it. Once she gets to know you Ursula sticks to your side like glue and has to have her nose in whatever you are doing. She also comes from incredible bloodline and oozes the perfect specimen of quality and rare coloring. Watch this space for her first litter.


Pacha is our 3rd of the sister trio and is a lovely girl. She has a great temperament and loves attention and cuddles and tickles all to herself, she also loves a good game of tug with a squeaky furry toy. Pasha is the biggest of the 3 sisters and has previously produced one stunning litter and was a fantastic mom. Her pups are in high demand as she carries the blue trio gene. Watch this space for her next litter!


Blue is our brand-new arrival and is the mother to Lacey, our blue tri pup. Blue is nearly a full suit and has just a bit of white on her feet. She is very gentle natured and of placid character. She has a great blood line and is of impeccable quality…proving to produce some the most stunning pups in the breeding program. Watch this space for her next litter.


Peaches is our small and stocky chunk of muscle. She is a black tri and has great genes. She is very playful and energetic and loves a game with a ball. With the right boy, Peaches will produce an incredible mini bulldog litter with great color opportunities showing through. Watch this space for her first litter.


Lacey is our first puppy to join our program and is known as Lacey Lazy. She has the sweetest temperament and all she wants in life is a belly rub, food, more food and bed, definitely a placid nature showing through from her mother Blue Sapphire. Lacey carries tri blue coloring and is a stunning pup showing great quality and potential to produce her own incredible litter when she is ready.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is also a new puppy arrival to join our program. She is short and plump with lots of rolls to cuddle. She loves her food and loves attention.  Ivory is a fawn lilac trio and will produce a new level of quality with her own pups in the future. She carries great bloodline and is the perfect example of her breed.

Bubba Gump

Bubba Gump is our one and only intact boy.  Still very young he has some growing and maturing to do but is already ahead of himself in quality. Boasting a massive rope, chunky rolls, big bones and plumpness all round. He is going to be a champion blue tri stud when he is old enough to join the game.